An offer of more than a billion euros to take control of Arsenal

The Russian billionaire Alisher Ousmanov, a minority shareholder of Arsenal, has forwarded an offer of more than a billion dollars.

Arsenal do will without doubt not in the champions League next season but could see a big future in the view of some of the information in the Financial Times.

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In fact, according to the media, the Russian billionaire Alisher Ousmanov has made an offer of about 1.16 billion euros with a view to becoming a major shareholder of the london club. Ousmanov already owns 30% of the club but would in the idea of having greater control over Arsenal.

The majority shareholder of Arsenal, Stan Kroenke, therefore, must be convinced by Ousmanov. The Financial Times indicates that Kroenke would not be interested in the offer in question as Arsenal allows you to make profit for him. The micro Bloomberg TV, Ousmanov had spoken of the case of’ Arsène Wenger : “A certain continuity is necessary. This includes the need to prepare a successor to Wenger, but in a respectful manner. I can suggest that Wenger himself may prepare a successor”; and had it insured.

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