Assange bleached, but in the viewfinder of the English

The case of Assange on Friday a rebound dramatically with the abandonment of the Sweden prosecution for rape against the founder of WikiLeaks, a refugee since 2012 in the ecuadorian embassy in London to escape extradition.

The Swedish portion of this legal saga has without doubt found its epilogue at the end of a bitter battle procedures and communication issues are beyond ample the context of this case is educated in Stockholm.

Julian Assange, who has always defended charges of rape, denounces a manoeuvre for extradition to the United States, where this Australian risk of being prosecuted for the publication of military documents and diplomatic confidential.

The government Trump said in April that his arrest was a “priority”. And according to media reports citing us officials, the United States is preparing a charge sheet.

In front of the press at Stockholm, the prosecutor Marianne Ny announced that it had “decided to discontinue the investigation for alleged rape against Julian Assange” and required the lifting of the european arrest warrant that he was trying since 2010 to cancel. The magistrate explained to have thrown in the towel because of the ineffectiveness of such a procedure is exceptionally long, and not in the light of new facts on the merits of the case.

“All the possibilities to advance the investigation have been exhausted, ( … ), and it no longer appears proportionate to maintain the request for pretrial detention in default of Julian Assange or the european arrest warrant”, she argued in its requisitions.

“Total victory”

“It’s a total victory for Julian Assange. He is free to leave the embassy when he wants”, is overjoyed that a lawyer in sweden Mr Assange, Per Samuelsson. “He is naturally happy and relieved. But he is critical of the fact that it took so long,” he said to the Swedish radio SR.

This lawyer has told the Australian he had written the text message : “Seriously, oh my god”.
Julian Assange has released on Twitter a photo of himself smiling. To Christophe Marchand, a member of the legal team of the former hacker Brussels, “Julian Assange has been the victim of an abuse of process huge” and the abandonment of investigations in Sweden “marks the end of his nightmare”.

— Julian Assange (@JulianAssange) may 19, 2017

The british police has, however, promptly issued a press release to let us know that she would be “forced” to arrest Julian Assange if he left the ecuadorian embassy, for having violated, in 2012 the conditions of his bail in the United Kingdom.

On its Twitter account, WikiLeaks has taken note of this warning. “Britain announces that it will stop Assange matter what, and refuses to confirm or deny that it had received an extradition request of the United States”.

UK states it will arrest mr Assange, regardless & refuse to confirm or deny whether it has already received an extradition request from the US.

— WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) may 19, 2017


At the age of thirty years at the time of the facts, the prosecution of Mr. Assange, whom she had met during a conference of WikiLeaks in Stockholm a few days earlier, filed a complaint on August 20, 2010. She accuses him of having committed a sexual relation not protected while she slept in the night from 16 to 17 August.

Julian Assange maintains that the young woman was consenting, both eager to have a sexual relationship with him, and agreeing not to use a condom. “I’m totally innocent,” wrote the encoder computer in a message attached to the transcript of his statements to the public prosecutor of ecuador.

The survey has suffered from endless procedural complications from the origin, the defense has stepped up action to stop the prosecution. The instruction Swedish, in particular, delayed by the refusal of Mr. Assange to be heard in Sweden, had taken so long that the complaint of another young woman to a sexual assault alleged at the same time, in 2010, was closed with no action, struck by prescription in 2015. The alleged rape is prescribed in 2020.

Ecuador, which has granted asylum to Mr Assange, denounced even a week before this epilogue, in a letter to the Swedish government, “the apparent lack of progress” in the investigation. It is extremely worrying that, six months after the hearing at the embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom, the Swedish public prosecutors have not yet made a pronouncement on the legal position of Julian Assange”, protested the ecuadorian ministry of foreign Affairs in the mail. (afp/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 11h26

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