Beijing does not want to see Taiwan in Geneva

The representatives of Taiwan are they going to be able to participate in the work of the world health Assembly that opens Monday in Geneva? The diplomatic moves of the last minute are underway to convince Beijing to lift its veto. Since 2009, a compromise had been found (1). The representatives of Taiwan were admitted as observers. But a new stiffening in the relations between Beijing and Taipei has been a result of the fragile agreement.

Unlike previous years, the WHO has not invited Taiwan to participate in the work of the world health Assembly, which brings together all countries. During his visit to Geneva last January and his interview with Margaret Chan, the director of the world health Organization (WHO), the chinese president XI Jinping would have been lobbying for Taiwan to be kept away from this session. A request is even more pressing since the election in may 2016, Tsai Ying-wen to the presidency of taiwan. This lawyer, a member of the democratic progressive Party, is on a line less conciliatory than its predecessor. She opposes the idea championed by Beijing that there is only”one China”. His posture, ruffling the hair of chinese power.

The support of Taiwan, including the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, France and Canada, have attempted to reverse the trend, but three days of the opening of the world health Assembly, the negotiations for the election of the successor of Margaret Chan outweigh all the rest. Irritate Beijing, is complicated by the fact that the chinese authorities are determined to put all its weight in this election to strengthen his influence.

The isolation of Taiwan and its 23 million people could fall into the story if it had no consequences in terms of health security. Pandemics don’t care of the borders. In spite of the obstruction of china, the authority of taiwan has announced that it will do everything until the last minute to attend, “even without an invitation” to the work of the world health Assembly.

(1) Since 1997, Taiwan, excluded from the united nations and, therefore, WHO in 1971, a tent, under the name of “Republic of China”, to be invited as an observer.

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Created: 19.05.2017, 13h28

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