Car degraded in an exhibition : the hunt for the culprits was launched

The initiative had all the appearance of legitimacy but we know that the road to hell is always paved with good intentions. Especially when they decide to expose themselves on the web in general and social networks in particular. In this case, the control of the communication proves to be impossible and incorrect interpretations annihilate what was an initial message. A lesson taken by a car dealer in Canada.

This is the story of a car dealership in Canada that was exhibited in a shopping centre, its beautiful cars. And, in particular, an attractive Chevrolet Corvette white. But it was nice to be in Canada, the malice, the innocence, the whole under the seal of the neglect and lack of supervision lead to situations of abuse. Thus, for damage and voltage spikes. Among the cousins, as elsewhere in the world.

For once, the beautiful Corvette has been taken as a field of play by a child who has brightened up over the hood without touching the parents located not far away. A scene immortalized by a witness who provided the photo to the dealer dare the blood has a round : online on the social network with this comment heartfelt : “help us to find the parents/family to send them the bill for any damage incurred to our vehicle by their child during an exhibition at the Carrefour Laval in front of The Bay “.

On the bottom, everything is discussed, but the form has elicited passionate debate. To the point that the message had to be removed, ” due to a too large number of derogatory comments “. The company said : “we are aware of the risks of exposing a vehicle in a public place. We also have insurance. What we emphasize is that this is not acceptable behavior. In all cases, it is not acceptable to leave a child cause damage to property of others that this is our vehicle, a trinket at Canadian Tire or even the patio of the neighbor “.

The dealer said he was sorry for the turn of events and said that he will pay particular attention in order not to see the incident repeat itself. Security measures are more stringent will be taken at future exhibitions of its vehicles. And you, what do you think ?

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