Carmen Di Pietro come Carla Bruni, a Pomeriggio 5 fa la crioterapia

Carmen Di Pietro in the Afternoon, 5 ago like Carla Bruni. Returns the form with the cryotherapy.
The former Première Dame of France in recent days on the social network has posted an image where you can see in full session while you submit to the care, a bath of nitrogen. the “Less than 150 degrees, this to me puts back to new. When you decide to start the Monday with freshness”, he wrote.

Carmen Di Pietro in the Afternoon, 5 mimics, Carla bruni, and makes the cryotherapy

the Carla Bruni is the trend. To Afternoon 5 Carmen Di Pietro the imitates and submits to the same treatment, a session of cryotherapy. Thanks Barbara D’urso: the next may 24 will 52 nni, the presenter neo 60enne has made a gift. the “I feel reborn, I oxygenate all the tissues”, says enthusiastically.

The former top model has launched the trend on the social…
The almost 52-year-old is not afraid of the cold and -150

During the cryotherapy in the service, aired by the Afternoon 5 Carmen Di Pietro wearing slippers to boot from mountain padded, to protect the feet from frost: Carla Bruni has had to put, is required

Resistant to three minutes of treatment

Impossible not to feel a little cold, but given the short duration, Carmen Di Pietro resists and then in the studio talks about the experience from ‘rejuvenated’. Enjoyed it.

Carmen has finished and you feel rejuvenated

The rest of this care, which before was used to fight inflammation, today it is a real trend among the stars. In three minutes to -160 degrees Celsius, – 265 Fahrenheit approximately burn 800 calories, you have cellulite attenuated, the muscles decontratti and, in fact, the inflammation reduced. It is not just.

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