Convertibles : this is the time to sell !

Like the strawberry, the used market is a seasonal market. It is concluded more transactions in march than in August, the worst month of the year. But it is even more true for the convertibles ! And in this case, for the sellers, the right time, it is right now.

The market is discoverable, even if it is in freefall for years (less than 1% in 2016), is always there. Without surprise, and you had the feeling vaguely at the back of you (or not), it is more difficult to sell his cabriolet of opportunity in the middle of winter, as the beautiful days come. Because, with the sun, replaying the desires of the great outdoors buyers. Basically, the curves of the sale of the search for discoverable clearly show a fall in the month of August and more in September. Then until April, it is the dead calm, and it took off strong in may until July, before starting again.

This is less true for Coupes/Cabriolets (CC), including the roof hard through the bad season with more ease. But, on the contrary, it is particularly sensitive for convertibles with soft top. Their market monitors, in the end, the motorcycle and the 2 wheels in general, weather dependent.

Odds 10 to 15% higher from may

Let’s be honest, it is not impossible in the strict sense of selling your cabrio in the fall or winter. But the buyers are (much) more rare, this places prices are more attractive, under penalty of seeing his vehicle hanging around months and months in the columns of the ads on websites. In practice, it is not uncommon to have to lower the price 10% to 15% under the rating, to find hope for the lessee, except star convertibles (308 CC, Mini cabrio, Beetle (or Bug) Cabriolet, Mercedes SLK), which will lose a bit of value.

Cabriolets d'occasion : c'est le moment de vendre !

This is not a trivial matter, on a vehicle at 15 000 €, this can represent up to 2 300 € loss dry, and up to 4/5 months of lost. But at the end of the spring, buyers come out of their dens, while at the same time, sellers are more rare (yes, they want to take advantage of them, also these rays of the sun !).

The law of supply and demand then works on full, and the prices go back, mechanically. The gates of summer, we can consider that the prices become downright “firm”. No more negotiation possible.

This may look like a squat door open, but it is the reality of the market, even today, even though the phenomenon is less marked than it was 15/20 years, and it’s all thanks to the Coupe/Convertibles…

Result, to lose less time and energy as possible, and, incidentally, the least amount of money (we’re not venal, but still), it is NECESSARY to begin to activate at this time.

Cabriolets d'occasion : c'est le moment de vendre !

Of course, “theoretically”, the car will have lost a few months worth compared to last December, but “in practice” in real life, you’ll be able to sell the more expensive ! Not necessarily above the rating, but in any case, never below… And don’t have to lower the price, it is somewhere to earn more. Deliciously ironic for sellers, who can only thank the god Ra to motivation extreme that it gives to buyers who, themselves, would have had to take in the winter (well, yes, for them it is the wrong season that it would be necessary to buy…).

On the next Page, you sellers will find all of our tips to further improve their chances to transfer quickly and at a good price.

For buyers (which we also believe), here you will find our selection of the best convertibles of the opportunity of the moment (list non-exhaustive of course) :

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