Crash : he tries a half-turn 180 with his Range Rover

The owner of this Range Rover will think now twice before trying some stunt worthy of a blockbuster Hollywood. The clip captured by the surveillance camera of a house shows its 4×4 in a posture of very little academic.

The u-turn 180 (J-turn) is a figure spectacular used several times in the films for the races-chucking. The maneuver is to happen in reverse at a brisk pace before you steer to put the car in the right direction. Needless to say that a 4×4 is not the car ideal to carry it out.

The driver of the Range Rover third generation was included in its costs. The video taken by the surveillance camera of a house near the accident shows the SUV English in the process of jumping from its four-wheel drive before getting stuck on the roof. The glass surfaces of exploded in the crash, then take out all the contents of the cabin.

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