Cyril Hanouna denies being homophobic

Cyril Hanouna denies being homophobic 19/05/2017 at 19:31

Cyril Hanouna , the hellion of C8, denies being homophobic following the broadcast of a sequence, presented in her program.

It is criticized for the facilitator to have taken an effeminate voice and having chained clichés about homosexuals on the set of his show when he was at the end over a young gay trapped through a dating site.

If the sequence broadcast has amused the folks on the board, you can’t say the same on the social networks.

This sequence has even been reported to occur over 250 times in the Council of Audiovisual (CSA), alerted by associations such as SOS Homophobia, or The Refuge.

Following the salvo of criticism received, Cyril Hanouna has tried to defend in the Express. He hoped obviously off the controversy.
“There will never be any sequence homophobic in my programs! Quite the opposite, he says. I am the most ardent defender of the Refuge, of which I have championed the cause since the beginning of the week, and even in the show, for the week against homophobia at school, ” he recalled.

The Refuge, shocked by the comments of C. HANOUNA, alert the CSA and checks to see if a prosecution can be brought on the criminal or civil.

— The Refuge (@lerefuge) may 19, 2017

#Hanouna, this is the guy who claims to fight against#homophobia while entrapping gay men on a dating service. Dirty type! #TPMP

— Nils Wilcke (@paul_denton) may 19, 2017

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