EnjoyPhoenix’s lying to his fans, his video confession !

EnjoyPhoenix decided to post a video confession where she is engaged as never before to his fans in order to apologize for their having lied.

After having recently pushed a big rant, EnjoyPhoenix is back with a video confession. In fact, the lovely Marie Lopez just posted a video truth titled “I am sorry you have been lied to”. We must admit that we are a bit freaked out in front of this title and EnjoyPhoenix knew that its customers would wonder what she meant by that. In fact, she has not really lied to. On the contrary, in this video full of frankness, she confesses that YouTube has changed and has forced her to change. If EnjoyPhoenix like to share with its subscribers, including by giving them valuable advice, in recent times, the youtubeuse was not really free to do what she loved. She was obliged to follow the trend and offer more videos of crash tests, or tutorials. Unfortunately, EnjoyPhoenix no longer takes as much pleasure as when she started on the platform. But then is that this means that it is preparing to stop to regale us of his Youtube videos ?

Do not worry ! EnjoyPhoenix, which was recently a famous actor at Disneyland, don’t intend to stop his videos. However, she did not want “to be in the mold” and wants to become itself. “I find it difficult to project myself in the next few years, I can’t do it, I feel like I lost myself along the way and now I find it hard to really know who I am on Youtube, what I want to do, what I want to bring to people. I want to become that friend that I was before for you.”, she says. Marie Lopez also confides that she has suffered a lot especially when she found herself in One of the tabloids following her participation in Dancing with the Stars. To see her in tears breaks the heart ! But EnjoyPhoenix is now determined to be herself, no matter what we may think. She wants only one thing, find his subscribers who are her friends. “If I want to make a video about a sore subject or not, I’d do it.”, she says on a promise of change. The EnjoyPhoenix that we learned to love there are now about 5 years old is back and it is so much better ! And you, what do you think of the video confession of EnjoyPhoenix ?

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