Flavio Briatore to MCS: ‘Never in politics’. Leave Elisabetta Gregoraci? It would cost too much

Flavio Briatore between the public and private sectors. A guest at the MCS, you know who will never get into politics. To The Mosquito, the day before, admits: “Leave Elisabetta Gregoraci would cost me too much”.

Flavio Briatore, a guest at the MCS, says: ‘Never in politics, better to collect apples’

In link from Milan to the MCS, Flavio Briatore presents the book “On wealth,” written with Carmelo Abate. Once again, he talks of the problem of work in Italy. “I did a book after 20 years of Formula 1, and after having been around the world five to six times”, he stresses. And he adds: “To us there is very little respect for anyone who invests in an activity, on the contrary, gives much trouble”. The 67nne is a friend of Donald Trump. “I don’t think it is a sin”, is accurate.

A river in full Flavio Briatore to the MCS. For only he who is rich will create jobs. Then reveals what he believes: “I think that those who want to work in an occupation always manages to find it. Maybe it fails to do what is more crafted”.


Will never get into politics. better to collect apples as it did as a child: “When I was a kid, at 13 years old, I picked up the apples in the summer, to Verzuolo and, at the end of the month, I found myself in the pocket of 700 lire which allowed me to do something”.

No to the policy, better to collect apples. Flavio Briatore is uncontrollable, as was the rest of The Mosquito. Piqued by the questions of the radio host on the alleged split with Elisabetta Gregoraci, already disproved, says: “Let Elisabetta Gregoraci would cost me too much”.

The entrepreneur is unleashed, as he had been to The Mosquito on Radio24, where he spoke of his wife

Before he speaks again of the’affaire Twiga Otranto and the bitterness that is generated. “I prefer to retire, get out, there is very little respect in Italy for anyone who invests in any business , “explains Briatore to the microphones of Radio 24You want to just say, do things in places where people appreciate when you set up the activity and creates jobs”.

Flavio continues: “I Am a seller today. Those who are interested, please forward”. Reveals her the divorce that Silvio Berlusconi must to Veronica Lario: “it seems To me exaggerated: eur 2 million per month are many, so the wife becomes more rich than you. The marriage is not a deal, if one wants to leave the family to go his own way”.

‘Leave Elisabetta Gregoraci would cost me too much,’ he admitted with an ironic and amused the 67enne

And finally the sentence on Elisabetta Gregoraci: “I’m Not worried about me, I am separate, would cost me too much. People say many things, but the reality is often very different”.

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