For Donald Trump, a treacherous journey

Donald Trump has left Washington behind him. Ebranlé by a week of brutal, punctuated by scandals, the president of the United States has embarked on his first tour abroad since his election. This eight-day journey will take him to saudi Arabia, where he arrived on Saturday, in Israel, and then to Brussels and the Vatican before ending at the summit of the G7 in Sicily. He could offer him a little respite, away from the recurring attacks in the u.s. capital. It is, however, fraught with pitfalls.

Editorial: “the Trump, four months and no remission”

Donald Trump must decide Sunday a speech on islam that will inevitably be compared to that of Barack Obama in Cairo in 2009. According to H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser, “the speech has the purpose to unite the muslim world in the face of the common enemies of civilization and to demonstrate the United States commitment towards our muslim partners”. Donald Trump has entrusted the writing of the speech to Stephen Miller, the author of the recent decree (anti-immigration), which covers seven countries with a muslim majority.

“Donald Trump, the Saudis have a partner sceptical vis-à-vis Iran and that supports them in Yemen”

Allen Keiswetter, a former executive of the State Department, believes that the saudi regime has nevertheless demonstrated its willingness to spend in addition to the about anti-muslim held by Donald Trump during his campaign, to retain only the policy of the american president, much more favorable towards Riyadh than was that of Barack Obama. “Donald Trump, the Saudis have a partner sceptical vis-à-vis Iran and that supports them in Yemen,” he says. They also appreciate that the american secretary of State comes from the oil industry.”

Sale of weapons

Mohammed Bin Salman, deputy crown prince of saudi Arabia, traveled to Washington d.c. in march. At the end of this trip, Allen Keiswetter, an expert at the Middle East Institute, points out that saudi Arabia had welcomed the warming of its relations with the United States since the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House. According to the New York Times, an agreement on the sale of weapons to saudi Arabia for an amount of 110 billion could be announced this weekend.

The call of the american president in Israel on Monday and Tuesday promises to be as tricky in the context of the revelations of the Washington Post in which Donald Trump would have shared with a Russian delegation of secret information transmitted by Israel. “The president has, however, a trump card to play, since both the Saudis and Israelis were dissatisfied with the evolution of their relations with the United States during the presidency of Barack Obama,” says Gerald Feierstein, former United States ambassador to Yemen between 2010 and 2013. This trip to the Middle East is not a journey to double for Donald Trump on the plan of american foreign policy. Remains to be seen if he will be at the domestic level, since the problems of the president are in Washington. It is clear that his entourage is hoped in this context that the tour will have positive results.”
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Created: 19.05.2017, 22h13

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