Ford is preparing a crossover electric “affordable” with 500 km of autonomy

The wave initiated by Tesla makes it big tub since Ford announced to his tower working on a crossover electric which will be launched in the next few years. The brand believes it has the technology needed to offer approximately 300 miles of autonomy and a price relatively accessible.

Ensure that the power to become the mode of propulsion of tomorrow is a thing, but it is necessary that certain conditions be met in order that buyers respond far : good battery life, affordable prices and above all a configuration SUV to appeal to the largest number.

It is for this reason that Tesla is working on its future Model There, a SUV at a price relatively well placed, which is expected to attract the world, but the american brand is not alone, as Ford announced that a crossover is affordable, and with 300 miles of autonomy is in the program (approximately 480 km).

Raj Nair, head of new technologies at Ford, explained that this SUV was in preparation, and that he was very clearly Tesla. Ford hopes to sell the largest possible number in order to reduce a little more the price of batteries. But for that this SUV is sold in mass, it will require that the price is actually well placed. It is kind of like the snake which bites the tail, but there is still a lot of years before you see the arrival of this new feature, which means that Ford has the time to take advantage of the advances in the field of batteries.

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