Here is the vending machine of luxury cars

In Singapore, the lesser square meter account, so that everything plays out in the height now since the area available for the constructions are minimal. A seller of prestige cars has had the idea of a vending machine of used cars, which is a building of 15 floor fully automated.

Singapore is facing a problem common to all the large mega-cities located on islands, presquiles or archipelagos : the lack of space. This is why the rents are very high and that the size of the housing is often relatively small in this big city which is also the home of the sports car.

And it is good for the specialist in prestige car Autobahn Motors which has been an idea rather original to sell its cars : a vending machine. It is a building of 15 floors in which you can find everything : from the first-generation Mini Cooper to the Lamborghini Aventador, passing by the Porsche 911, dozens of cars luxury, prestige, and collection are available to purchase right at your fingertips.

It is enough for this order, from the ground, an auto and pay by electronic payment. An ingenious system of elevator then delivers the auto to the ground. However, this system of automatic distributor of vehicle is not the first in the world.

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