Incident between us aircraft and chinese

Two fighter aircraft, the chinese have intercepted on Wednesday, a device the american way “non-professional” in the international airspace above the east China sea, reported Thursday the US Air Force. Beijing claims nearly all of the region.

The case is in the process of settlement with China via diplomatic channels and appropriate military”, said the spokesperson of the us air force.

The american plane, a Boeing WC-135 Constant Phoenix is designed to detect radiation, was performing a routine mission, and operated in accordance with international law, has she assured. The crew reported the incident because of “the manoeuvres of the chinese pilots, speeds and the proximity of the aircraft,” she said.

China is wary of any military activity in the u.s. over the south China sea that it claims in its near-entirety.

On February 8, a plane-american spy, P-3, and a military plane, the chinese are frôlés in the region. The two devices were cross about 300 yards of one another in the area of the reef of Scarborough, between the Philippines and mainland China. (tty/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 06h59

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