INTERVIEW – Eve Perisset : “If one gains nothing, this will not be a successful season”

EXCLUDED GOAL – The girls of the PSG are preparing to play two finals against Lyon in the Coupe de France (19/05) and champions League (01/06).

In his first season with Paris Saint-Germain, Eve Perisset is preparing to play two finals to his formative club : Olympique Lyonnais. If the Cup of France on Friday is a major event, the champions League on the 1st of June at Cardiff remains the ultimate goal in Paris. Third in the league, PSG will not qualify for the European Cup through to Division 1. This gives an interesting extra to this first poster 100% French at this stage of the competition. But before you think of the biggest club competitions, PSG and Lyon meet on Friday evening in Vannes for the final of the national cup.

The Record of attendance at the Parc des Princes for the semi-final against FC Barcelona

If you had been told in the beginning of the season that you were going to meet Lyon for the two finals, you would have thought it ?

Eve Perisset : We do not think at all. It is always the goal to go in the final, but it was thought first to make a good season because we have a group that is rebuilding. Now there is and it’s been fun. Especially as it is against Lyon, which is the best team in Europe currently.

Lyon, it impresses you ?

Yes, just look at the players who play in this team. These are very large players. After, these are cup games, we have a chance. It is necessary to do everything to enter and win these two finals.

Have you ever put aside the defeat to Lyon in the league last week (0-3) ?

It was well recovered, we watched the match to understand what has not worked. We will try to correct our mistakes and make a better delivery. There are always weak points in a team even if Lyon, this is the top of the top. It is the technical staff to make us understand what has not been well in the championship, so we can change it.

You do not expect to live a season like this, and yet you can still finish it with regret, we can call this season a little bit crazy ?

Oh yes ! No one would have thought that it would be in the final of the champions League this year. There is data, but now it is necessary to win. If you lose, you will remain on our hunger. The most important thing in football is to win titles. It is well to make the finals, but it is necessary to bring back trophies to Paris. We don’t want to live in a white season.

Win a champions League in girls, it may mark the club ?

I’m sure of it. This will be the first champions League with PSG, either among boys or among girls so it is very important. There will be no more pressure because we will be well prepared to get there.

If you are told that Paris will form one group, while Lyon is more a sum of individuals, do you agree ?

If Lyon manage to do what they have been doing it for several years, it is that there is a good state of mind. After that, I think the atmosphere is different here because there are more young people. I do not expect necessarily that. I was headed into the unknown because I did not know much about PSG, aside from a few girls. It is always particular but I am very happy to be part of this team. I’ve never seen a group who lived as well.

On the personal level, you experience an exceptional season with your first steps in the France team…

I came to Paris to have time to game, I got a lot of… and then the team from France is arriving soon. I can develop myself to build on the field this year. I had goals, but I didn’t play as long in arriving. I think I have managed to grab my chance, but I don’t have to release me. This is my first full year, I have to confirm a second season now.

Interview by Loïc Tanzi

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