Kate Middleton anguished, Brad Pitt speaks out about Angelina Jolie, Nina Dobrev hilarious : The little people of the week !

On Friday, it is time to do a little recap’ of news that have fallen in the week. What happened to Kate Middleton, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Nina Dobrev and others ? Check it out immediately !

Still a busy week for our people. You are all aware that Pippa, sister of Kate Middleton is getting married tomorrow to James Matthews. This wedding is one of the most anticipated of the year, and as much to say as the tension mounts. If Kate Middleton is distressed by the behavior that George and Charlotte may have, it can be assured that whatever happens, the prince and the princess will be adorable. In addition, this will be an opportunity for prince Harry to officially present Meghan Markle, who has already landed in London, what spend a little more time with his beloved. We are confident that the bride and her sister compete of beauty. In any case, we’re really excited to see the wedding pictures, don’t you ? Another news was about her this week. Brad Pitt is finally expressed on Angelina Jolie and their divorce on the Late Show to Stephen Colbert, where he was very close to Gina Rodriguez. For him, the key is to maintain a good relationship with his ex-wife. Also, could they be reconciled, and cancel the wedding ? We doubt it ! On his side, Angelina Jolie is awarded a dinner with his son Pax for mothers day and she was radiant. The Brangelina build a life separate and it seems to work !

Meghan Markle presents the wedding of Pippa Middleton !
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Kate Middleton is afraid of the behavior of his children

Nina Dobrev has not lost an opportunity to make us laugh. The actress has adopted a new puppy that follows her everywhere during her travels. Nina Dobrev can’t help but post videos and photos hilarious with his puppy. We are completely under the charm. For his part, Taylor Swift is finally back on the social networks. In addition, the singer has a new boyfriend named Joe Alwyn. If the loves seem to be going wonderfully, this does not seem to be the case-side friendship. New rumors about the fact that Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez would be angry. The two friends are no more output overall, and it becomes suspect, as does the fact that it does not comment and does not like anything on the account Instagram of Selly… besides, the girlfriend of The Weeknd has been at the heart of a mini-buzz in spite of it. Ross Butler who embodies Zach Dempsey in the series, 13 Reasons Why has had his account Instagram hacked and the hackers have written that Selly was unfaithful on a photo of The Weeknd. The actor soon handed the things clear. Phew ! On his side, Bella Hadid has done about it. The top revealed her panties at the Cannes film Festival in 2017, and this, many times ! Wear princess dresses, it’s all well and good, but it can be quite a disadvantage. Love was also at the appointment this week, Ian Somerhalder has made a lovely statement to Nikki Reed for her birthday and it was inevitable crack !

Le récap' people de la semaine - Kylie Jenner s'éclateLe récap' people de la semaine - De nouveau en couple ?

Of course, the family, the most popular of the United States has made itself the last seven days. If the war continues, the more beautiful between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, Scott Disick shocked everyone by putting himself in a relationship with Bella Thorne. Their couple will last ? For its part, Khloé has created controversy by being drugged in Costa Rica. His fans have not appreciated as it would make the promotion of cannabis and we can understand them. This is not all pink for Kim Kardashian. Her marriage with Kanye West is in crisis and a divorce would be imminent. Will they get out ? Case to follow. Kendall Jenner was also on everyone’s lips. The young model has had a lunchbox that has the buzz. It was, moreover, Khloé Kardashian, who shared it on social networks. Nice sister ! For Kylie Jenner on the other hand, all rolls. The new trailer for Life of Kylie is finally released. It will soon have its own TV show. Finish with Rob Kardashian and Committee Chyna. New rumors say it is in torque. Is this really the case ? To find out, stay tuned on melty ! And you, what news has you most marked ?

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