La Suède lâche l’affaire, mais Assange n’est pas libre

Justice Swedish waived Friday to charges of “rape” launched in 2010 against the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. Marianne Ny, the prosecutor in charge of the case, explained that they threw in the towel due to “the ineffectiveness of such a procedure is exceptionally long” and “not in the light of new facts on the merits of the case.” In reaction to this news, the complainant Swedish, who accuse Julian Assange of rape, complained of a real “scandal” of the judiciary. This woman, who had thirty years at the time of the facts, said it was “shocked” by this decision of non-suit, and maintained her accusations.

Julian Assange himself has always denied the facts, saying that the sexual relations with the young woman met at a conference of WikiLeaks in Stockholm were granted. From the balcony of the ecuadorian embassy in London, where he is a virtual recluse for more than 2355 days, Julian Assange has welcomed Friday “this important victory for human rights”. It was “the terrible injustice that is a detention without trial, unworthy of civilized nations”. Emu, he added, it “does not forget and not forgive not that he had been deprived for so many years to see her children grow up”. Claiming the right of political asylum, he finished by saluting another victory: “the release of Chelsea Manning, twenty-eight years before the end of his sentence”.

The Australian with the white hair, he is still not free of his movements. By ranking without following the investigation, the Prosecutor of Stockholm has certainly lifted the european arrest warrant against him. But the british police has made it known that she would not give up as much to stop it. In 2012, the suspect had indeed violated the conditions of his bail in the United Kingdom by taking refuge in the embassy of Ecuador. “Britain wants to stop me, and still refuses to confirm or deny that it had received an extradition request of the United States,” said wikileaks founder Julian Assange from its balcony. It indicated that its “staff legal was going to have a dialogue with the british authorities” about his situation. He finished his statement with a question: “How european journalists can now publish information on the United States if they know they are at risk of extradition?”

The whistleblower is a concern since the beginning of the prosecution to be extradited at the request of the United States, which accused him of leaking sensitive information. On Thursday, the minister of Justice, u.s., Jeff Sessions, said that the arrest of Julian Assange was a priority of the administration to Trump. According to the Washington Post, prosecutors have prepared a charge sheet against Assange and WikiLeaks for conspiracy, theft of State property and violation of the federal law “Espionage Act”. The lawyer of Assange, Juan Branco, called, Friday, the French president and asked for political asylum for his client, “the only political prisoner, recognized by the UN in Western Europe”. (24 hours)

Created: 19.05.2017, 22h51

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