Léa Salamé provides direct support to David Pujadas, who was very moved (video)

Léa Salamé provides direct support to David Pujadas, who was very moved (video) 19/05/2017 at 13:00

Lea Salamé has also provided support direct to David Pujadas after the announcement of his eviction of the JT of France 2 after 16 years of good and loyal services.

At the end of the Emission Policy that she co-presents with David Pujadas, Léa Salamé has paid tribute to the professionalism of his colleague.

“Thank You, David. I wanted to tell you my pleasure once again to have prepared and presented the political show, which punctuates the entire presidential election with you, ” she said. And tell you once again of my esteem for the professional that you are, and my friendship for the man that you are.”

David Pujadas was obviously moved by this statement.
This week, The Express looks back on the ouster of David Pujadas JT of France 2.

If his departure was regretted by some of the colleagues, others however would be delighted and relieved to see him leave the ship.

He terrorized the drafting dare to a source cited by the Express.

“Many journalists of the chain are delighted, in fact. Honestly, you doubted for a moment that David Pujadas was going to leave. But because of the lack of political sense of Delphine Ernotte, one is obliged to support it. Everyone here knows that it has nothing to do with Emmanuel Macron, gliding to a source close to. It is very unfortunate that some people think that it is a political order “.

It is alleged that David Pujadas is to have discriminated against certain employees of the chain of the public service.

“You should know that this system works like a small caste. They co-opt, exclude others. I, for example, I am boycotted in the 20 Hours without even knowing why. There is a lot of discrimination, ” continued the journalist.

Another journalist is more direct. David Pujadas ” terrorized the drafting “.

“David Pujadas can be quite authoritarian, yes,” said another who wants to be less categorical. Let’s say that the mayonnaise monte easy with him. But for the past two years, he has calmed down, he became much more placid. His relationship with journalists has improved in general. It will obviously continue to be involved in the choice of subjects, but in a way more calm.”

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