Manchester United, Mourinho defends the season Pogba : “If his transfer had been lower, we would have said what a purchase !”

Jose Mourinho has drawn up a balance sheet without concession to the season is Paul Pogba, and has been positive towards his midfield.

Become the player the most expensive in history last summer, joining Manchester United from Juventus, Paul Pogba has completed a first season more than honorable under the shirt of the Red Devils. Author of four goals and three assists this season in the Premier League, Paul Pogba has alternated good and less good this season, but it is because of his high transfer according to José Mourinho.

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“I believe that the problem of Paul Pogba has been the label, the price stuck on his back with this transfer. I hope that next summer, it will be the biggest transfer and the pressure will go to someone else. Because, if his transfer had been lower, everyone would have said ” what a buy ! “. But while the world waits for performance in connection with the transfer amount, and this leads to pressure and analysis that are not fair sometimes“, summarised José Mourinho in an interview with Sports centre.

The coach of Manchester United is that their midfield has sometimes lacked consistency : “It has made good matches, very good matches, good performance. He has always sacrificed for the team. If I take as an example the match against Rostov, the way he sacrificed himself there was incredible. What he does for the team, this are great performances. He makes small matches where the performances were not so good, but usually her performance reflects that of the team. So when the team was very good, it was very good. When the team was not very good, it has not been very good. So I think the judgments are a little unfair”.

Finally, he thinks that he is going to become one of the best at his position : “I hope that the other clubs will beat the amount of transfer to the next season with a player and the pressure will go elsewhere than on his shoulders. As a midfielder, I don’t really like talking about best in the world. You don’t say the best in the world for a goalkeeper. Except for Fabio Cannavaro, you don’t say the best in the world for a defender. The best of the world is always the one who scores goals, I find it a bit unfair. I think that as a midfielder, Pogba is the best in the world. I don’t see another that has the same qualities as him. He must work of course. But he has the physique, the intelligence. He is very agile with this great body that he a. He is very good in the sector defensive and offensive. It is good to take the free-kicks. If Zlatan leaves shoot, he could score a few goals. I believe that it has everything“.

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