Manchester United, Mourinho : “I need Rooney”

José Mourinho is pleased with the exemplary behaviour of Wayne Rooney, who makes no waves while he has little game time.

Attacker history of Manchester United and unchallenged holder for a dozen seasons, Wayne Rooney has seen his playing time greatly diminish, and his status in the locker room upset with the arrival of Jose Mourinho last summer. Only appointed on a permanent basis to fourteen times, the English international never complained through the press. José Mourinho has nothing to blame his player, and is proud of his attitude professional despite the difficult season he just went through.

Mouirnho analysis of the season Pogba

“If he is frustrated, he don’t show it. It behaves in the best possible way. It is very difficult for Wayne Rooney. During my career, I’ve had this kind of situations where I’ve had players incredible, with an amazing story, who were in the last stage of their career. I had that in the Inter, Real Madrid, Chelsea, especially with Lampard and Drobga. In my case, I’ve had the best period of their career, in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. And when I returned to Chelsea later, they were in the last stage of their career. What is this-that it can be difficult ! And sometimes, the players understand the situation. Sometimes, the players still feel that they have 24, 25, 26 years old, “said José Mourinho in a press conference.

The coach of Manchester United has paid tribute to the excellent attitude of the all-time leading scorer of the Red Devils : “What is with Wayne is that he is a man very “club”. If he is not happy, he don’t show it. If he is frustrated, he don’t show it. It behaves in the best possible way. Even when he was injured 2 or 3 times this season, he has always been available. And in fact, now, I need him. I need him because we have so many problems“.

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