Marine Le Pen seeks to revive himself after his defeat

The leader of the French extreme right, who will be a candidate in the legislative, trying to get back in the saddle after a severe defeat at the presidential election which has rocked his camp in spite of a background score.

On the eve of the deadline for filing nominations for the parliamentary elections, the patroness of the national Front (FN) announced on Thursday that it stood in the election on 11 and 18 June, in the constituency of Hénin Beaumont (north), a city-led by his party, where she had already been a candidate in 2007 and 2012, without success.

“I never imagined not being at the head of my troops in a battle that I consider fundamental,” explained Thursday, Ms. Le Pen on the chain, TF1, while its discretion since the defeat in the second round of the presidential election in the face of the centrist Emmanuel Macron (33.9% of the votes against 66.1 per cent) had fuelled speculation on a possible waiver.

???? “I will be a candidate in my riding of#HéninBeaumont” | I was invited at the journal of 20h @TF1. #Législatives2017 #MLPTF1

Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) may 18, 2017

For the general public, it is to show up ready to scrap with Emmanuel Macron. “I say to the French: if you want to have the assurance that there is no compromise, complacency with the policy pursued by Mr. Macron, there is only a single vote possible, this is the one that will be on the national Front,” said Ms. Le Pen, during a press conference, Friday, in Hénin-Beaumont.

Alongside @SteeveBriois to #HéninBeaumont, I launched my campaign for the parliamentary elections in #Circo6211. #DéfendreLaFrance

— Marine Le Pen (@MLP_officiel) may 19, 2017

“The debate that has been missed”

To try to resume the hand, Ms. Le Pen has sought first to silence the critics, internal expressed after the defeat, and this, in spite of a background score for the extreme right in france, with 10.6 million votes. Some have not hidden their disappointment after the may 7, in the image of the niece of the patron saint of the FN, Marion Maréchal Le Pen, one of only two members of the party and heavy weight training in the south of France, who has announced his temporary withdrawal from political life.

Unvarnished, the head of the FN has recognized a “debate that has been missed” between the two towers. “I wanted to highlight the very great fears that I had regarding Emmanuel Macron. I’ve done it with enthusiasm, passion, maybe too much passion, too much passion, some weren’t expecting that,” she conceded.

It has also opened the door to a “reflection” on exit from the euro, as desired by his right arm Florian Philippot, but view that as an obstacle for achieving electoral victories, major from many leaders in FN. “I am well aware that the subject of the euro has worried considerably the French, almost irrational, it is a fact”, she said.

“The rock, ” this is us”

But Marine Le Pen does not want to address this issue in the immediate future. “Analysis of the presidential campaign and the reflection on our positions precise, it is the yard after the parliamentary elections,” she said Friday. For the time being, the “construction project priority, unique, essential, it is the site of the battle the electoral legislation”, where she hopes to get “the largest number of members possible” in order to form the first opposition party.

And in this battle, the patron saint of the far right, intends to apply the grid of reading, which, according to it, structure the new landscape resulting from the presidential election: the opposition between “globalists” and “patriots”. “We will oppose with all our strength and all our skills to all the attempts that will be made by the government of Mr. Macron to pursue policies that are dramatic and required by the european commission,” she said, referring to helter-skelter policies of “deregulation”, “weakening of labour law” or “flood migration”.

“The only movement strong, the rock, this is us,” said Ms Le Pen, who is trying to capture the electorate of the right-wing party The Republicans (LR), the direction of which is opposed to Mr Macron, by insisting on the presence in government of a Prime minister and two ministers from this training. These are the “not débauchages individual,” she said, recalling that “170 elected Republicans (…) were called to respond to the outstretched hand of Mr. Macron”, a sign of the “very heavy ambiguity” of the party in respect of the new power. (afp/nxp)

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