Miley Cyrus : elle change de look et elle aimerait changer de passé aussi !

Change, of course, total for Miley Cyrus. Because yes, we all have in mind the image of the singer licking languidly the hammer of her music video Wrecking Ball. But today Miley can do no more. It was enough that we keep this image of her.

It assumes the clip is ultra sexy : “I never want to relive it, she entrusted. I will forever be the girl naked on a ball of destruction.No matter what I will do after, I’ll always be this girl naked. For them, I am the girl who licked a hammer ! I would have had to think before, the fact that it was going to follow me for a long time. “Before revealing a nightmare that keeps coming back :” The worst thing would be that [the video] to be aired at my funeral. […] I will never be able to erase it. Swinging naked on a ball of destruction, it will follow me forever. Once you do that, in the eyes of so many people, and it is engraved forever “. It is rumored that this awareness would come from his companion, the sublime Liam Hemsworth that he would have been given to understand that his talent was not proportional to the size of her skirt !

In any case, her new video, Malibu is proof that the singer totally changes of course !

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