Mobilisation pour libérer le maire de Dakar

Thousands of protesters have called for Friday evening in Dakar the release of the mayor of the senegalese capital.

The rally was the first manifestation of “Manko Taxawu Senegal” (Agreement to ensure, on the Senegal, in language, wolof), a coalition of training courses, l'opposition parties, including the democratic Party of senegal (PDS, ex-power), formed at the end of April in view of the legislative elections of 30 July.

The event, which was attended by several officials of l'opposition aimed in particular to denounce the'incarceration of the mayor Khalifa Sall and to demand transparency in the management of oil and gas discovered in the country.

Khalifa Sall, mayor of Dakar since 2009, is in preventive detention since the 7th of march.
Mr. Sall, a likely candidate for the'presidential election of 2019 against the head of l'State Macky Sall, in power since 2012, must meet out of pocket expense “not justified” more than 2.7 million d'euros, to the prejudice of the town hall, according to justice, that'he denies.

“(…) a hostage policy”

His supporters blamed his setbacks judicial to its status as a dissident of the socialist Party (PS), a training member of the ruling coalition, and of the presidential majority, allegations refuted by the authorities.

“For the release of Khalifa Sall”, could one read Friday, on banners and placards carried by the demonstrators, several of whom were wearing T-shirts l'effigy of officials of l'opposition.

L'”lack of balance” of the president Macky Sall “to justify its repeated aggression” against l'opposition, “by manipulating our judicial system against his political opponents,” said l'ex-Prime minister Idrissa Seck.

“If Khalifa Sall is in prison, c'because that'it is a hostage to politics, but this n'is not because that'he has turned away from l'money,” for his part, said Pape Diop, former mayor of Dakar and former president of l'national Assembly.

stakeholders have called for a proper management of oil and gas resources.
The Prime minister of senegal, Mahammed Boun Abdallah Dionne, assured on Thursday in front of the mps, that the government’s handling of the folder of hydrocarbons with transparency, after the signing of contracts d'exploration and d'exploitation with foreign companies.

Created: 19.05.2017, 2310

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