New runaways in Kinshasa

Dozens of prisoners escaped from a prison located in the south-west of Kinshasa in the DRC in the night from Thursday to Friday.

“On the 74 detainees that had the dilapidated prison of Kasangulu, 68 escaped” to 01: 00 in the morning, said Jean-Claude Vuemba, member of parliament for this city, in rural areas of the province of Kongo-central, located approximately 40 km south-west of the capital. Ten of them were then “recovered”, said the elected opposition, denouncing the living conditions of detainees.

Wednesday morning before dawn, the central prison of Makala in Kinshasa, has been attacked in suspicious circumstances, causing mass escapes of prisoners. While some source suggest the leak of more than 4000 people (about half the size of that prison very largely overcrowded), the authorities have not provided any report on this incident in which at least eight people have died, according to an official source.

The government has accused the followers of the Bundu Dia Kongo (BDK, “Kingdom of Kongo”), a movement politico-religious secessionist, to be responsible for the attack on the penitentiary, which led to the escape of their leader, Ne Muanda Nsemi. Member of parliament from Kinshasa, Ne Muanda Nsemi, is a native of the Kongo-central. His movement is accused of a series of attacks against symbols and representatives of the State at the beginning of the year in this province. (tty/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 17: 14

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