OM, Lopez had thought to ask for a loan : “when My time was going to happen”

Revelation of the OM this season, Maxime Lopez has hesitated to apply for a loan from last summer to be sure to have game time.

Maxime Lopez has had a season idyllic on the personal level. Replacing in the beginning of the season, the young middle offensive French became the unchallenged holder of the Olympic of Marseille in less than a year. Little used by Franck Passi, it has become one of the key men of the operative part of Rudi Garcia. Described as a promise from the club phocéen before the start of the season, Maxime Lopez had thought to ask for a loan to get playing time in another club and advance.

Eyraud tired of the rumors

“Honestly, before the summer preparation I was almost telling me: Is that it is not necessary that I will make me pay ? Last season I had figured in the group, but never played. But as the preparation went well, in training and on the pitch, I am told that my time was going to happen. The coach Passi made me go to Guingamp (2-1 defeat) as of the 2nd day, I wasn’t expecting, and then I had the luck that the coach Garcia arrives, and I continued to play. I’m not going to ignite. To us young players to keep their feet on the ground, “said Maxime Lopez to the AFP.

The middle of theOM has analysed its first season in Ligue 1 : “I put three goals in League 1, it is a goal that I set for myself, and five assists (plus two in the Coupe de France, I think that my stats are not bad for a first season. But I am very ambitious and very demanding of myself so next year I will do even better. A symbol? (laughing embarrassed) Yeah, it’s not going to say it like that. I am born in Marseille, I’ve done all the training centre and I am the proprietor, what I live this is the dream of all the fans in marseille, I can be a symbol for them. I’m glad if the youth of Marseille can identify themselves with me“.

He confesses that he continue to make daily progress in several areas : “I am learning every day with the coach Garcia, particularly on the tactical level, there are things that I never would have thought young. As the marking preventive: as soon as we attack, we must remember to load a player, because if we lose the ball I can be at the front. For example on the second goal against Nice, I look forward in placing me in front of Belhanda, Seri he made the pass and because of that we can score, of the small details on which he insists a lot, but in this case it is 99% of the action“.

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