Photos of the day : Maserati Merak SS (Rally of Aumale)

In the 70’s, Maserati takes a big cut close to the Bora, but the Merak swapped the V8 against a V6 petrol from the Citroën SM. Overall, the Merak is a self relatively reliable and attractive collection, but beware of the problems on the V6 Citroën…

The Merak, above all, it is the remains of a troubled period in the past from Maserati where the Italian brand had been struggling in the face of sales decline. To seduce a new public, Maserati’s fate almost blow on blow of Bora, and the little sister Merak, the first two Maserati mid-engine rear.

The special feature of the Merak is that it inherits a engine French : V6, 2.7 of the Citroen SM realese 3.0. On the SS version of the Merak, its power reaches 220-hp (190 hp on the classic version), which is not a lightning war, but the engine has the merit of having vocal rather friendly.

Today, the Merak is one of the Maserati of old the most accessible, but this has a price : the reliability is very random V6 Citroën, in particular because of the distribution chain. A purchase they need to make informed, but it is also a consideration for access to the myth of the ancient Italian and its charms…

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