PSA tests the quotes video

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the lives of clients that can do more things thanks to the magic of the Internet. The latest technology is the “quote video”. PSA tests precisely this feature that gives the possibility to the engineer to send a video of anything that must or may be replaced on the vehicle to the customer, without him having to move.

The appointment at the dealership, it’s a bit like any other appointment : time lost, especially when working and that we need to take a few hours to get free. So, the manufacturers have improved with time, the experience of the after-sales thanks to the Internet, putting online quote and appointment requests, eliminating the need for vehicle owners to switch to make the first steps.

PSA pushes the virtual a little more, since the French group has just announced the arrival of the quotation video in France. The principle is simple : the mechanic in the workshop makes a video of everything that needs to be repaired or changed on the vehicle, the various things identified are classified into three levels, from least important to most important (especially the safe).

The video is then sent to the client which has to give its response on the mechanical devices which he wishes to be repaired or not. This system of “video check” is brought to democratize over time in PSA in France, the brand is not only on this niche market, as other manufacturers are testing this feature.

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