Released d'business in Sweden, the founder of WikiLeaks claims victory

“A major victory “, has praised Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Friday from the balcony of the embassy of Ecuador in London, after the abandonment by Sweden of rape prosecutions against him / her, without indicating if he was going to come out of his shelter. “This day is a major victory for me and for the system of human rights of the united nations “, launched a clenched fist, mr Assange, a refugee in the past five years at the embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom to escape a possible extradition. He said that his lawyers had contacted the british authorities and that he hoped a “dialogue on the best way forward, “adding” wish a dialogue with the department of Justice, ” u.s., before returning to the room of the ecuadorian embassy where he has lived since 2012.

Presumed innocent

If the european arrest warrant is lifted, the british police has warned that it would be “obliged” to arrest Julian Assange if he left the embassy, on the grounds that it had breached in 2012 the conditions of his bail in the United Kingdom. For the Swedish portion, the “case Assange” ends in a fiasco legal and valid the strategy of obstruction systematic implementation by a number of lawyers to prevent him from appearing before a tribunal. “All the possibilities to advance the investigation have been exhausted […] and it no longer appears proportionate to maintain the request for pretrial detention in default of Julian Assange or the european arrest warrant,” said the attorney-Swedish Marianne Ny.

Three years of the prescription, the abandonment of prosecution “is not the result of a comprehensive review of the evidence,” and the justice Swedish ” does not pronounce on the question of guilt “, noted the prosecutor. Genius persecuted for some, manipulator, paranoid to the other, Julian Assange has always denied the rape accusations. Except coup de theatre, it will never be presumed innocent. Despite his relief evident, the Australian 45-year-old has claimed that he could not “forget nor forgive” to have spent “seven years without charge while my children were growing up without me, “including” two on house arrest and five in the embassy without the light of the sun “.

The accusatory ” shocked “

“The real battle starts now,” he said, fearing always a manoeuvre to the to extradite him to the United States, where he could be prosecuted for the publication by WikiLeaks of military documents and diplomatic confidential. The administration of Donald Trump said in April that his arrest was a “priority”, and according to local media reports, the United States is preparing a charge sheet. “Saluting” a total victory for Julian Assange “, his lawyer, Swedish, Per Samuelsson told the Agence France-Presse that his client wished to receive asylum in Ecuador. “This is the only place where it is safe “. Quito has welcomed the decision of the court of sweden and the ecuadorian foreign minister, Guillaume Long has called on the Uk to ensure a “safe-conduct” to Julian Assange so that he can leave his territory without being worried, without specifying where he might go.

In Stockholm, the hater of the Australian, ” shocked “, has denounced the “scandal” and maintained his version. “No decision to dismiss the case cannot change the fact that Assange has committed a rape,” said his lawyer, Elisabeth Fritz, in an email to AFP. At the age of thirty years at the time of the incident, she filed a complaint on August 20, 2010 against Julian Assange, whom she had met during a conference of WikiLeaks in Stockholm a few days earlier. She accuses him of having committed a non-protected sexual intercourse while she slept in the night from 16 to 17 August. Julian Assange has always maintained that she was willing and had agreed not to use a condom. The instruction Swedish, in particular, delayed by the refusal of Assange to be heard in Sweden, will have taken nearly seven years. The complaint of another young Swedish sexual assault at the same time in Stockholm has been struck by prescription in 2015.

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