Review our unboxing live, the HTC U11

Our friend and colleague, Omar returned this morning from Taipei, capital of Taiwan, where he has had the chance to try the HTC U11, which is already a lot of talk. We took the opportunity to do a little unboxing live !

The design of the “Liquid Surface” of the HTC U11

The smartphone squeeze

One of the main features of the HTC U11 is, of course, the “squeeze” provided by the Edge technology Sense : by pressing the device more or less long, we can launch different apps are completely configurable. You can also see Omar perform during the live. But the HTC U11, it is also a monster of power thanks to the Snapdragon 835, as well as the best smartphone to take pictures if one believes DxOMark. So many of the qualities detailed by Omar in his grip, as well as in this live Facebook where we have responded to your questions.

To find out what the HTC U11 has really in the tummy, you can consult our comparison of the face of the flagships of the moment. And don’t forget, of course, join us on the social networks, but also on our server Discord to discuss with us and between you.

Unboxing of the HTC U11 with Omar ! Ask your questions, we’ll answer live 😉

Published by FrAndroid on Thursday 18 may 2017

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