Roma, Del Piero : “Totti ? Je suis désolé que cette histoire soit passée par de mauvais moments”

20 may 2017 00:13:46

The former striker of Juventus spoke this Friday about Francesco Totti and Juventus.

Alessandro Del Piero spoke on Friday about his former partner selection, he laments the treatment inflicted by Luciano Spalletti at number 10 roman. Francesco Totti is expected to soon be announced what he will do next year.

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The former striker of Juventus especially given his opinion on the difference of level between him and Totti : “Who was better between Totti and me ? I class the players by categories and it is in the first.” Del Piero also spoke of the choice of Luciano Spalletti : “Disappointed with the treatment of Luciano Spalletti to Totti ? I’m sorry that this story has been through bad times, but it is like that.” The striker has resumed admitting that : “The truth is Totti, Spalletti and the club who know, they are the only ones that can answer some questions.”

Del Piero also spoke of the situation of Juventus, which is preparing to play in a final of League of champions : “I’ve always been a fan of Juve, my heart is Bianconero and I hope they will win the champions League.” The Bianconero is also income on the subject of transfers : “After several seasons during which Juve has bought foreign, I hope she will try again to sign the Italian, as she has always done.” However, Del Piero knows that it will be difficult to attract young Italian players : “There are a lot of young good players like Belotti or Badge but I don’t think that Naples or Torino agreed to sell.”

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