Scientists ovationnés to Pyongyang

Thousands of people took to the streets of Pyongyang to cheer on the scientists of the ballistic program national report Friday in the official media.

North Korea has claimed a successful shot on Sunday of a new type of missile called the Hwasong-12, ensuring that it was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
“Popular home enthusiastic fighters of the science of defence”, as in “a” the Rodong Sinmun, the official organ of the workers ‘ Party in power, by posting a photo of people, presented as the researchers from north korea.

Festive atmosphere

The North is accelerating its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of transporting a nuclear warhead on the american continent. The Rodong Sinmun praises of the researchers responsible for the Hwasong-12 who have shown to the international community, “the strength of the powerful State nuclear self-sufficient”.

The photographs show hundreds of researchers presumed to be in military dress saluting the giant statues of the leaders, the deceased Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong il erected in the centre of the capital. Other photos show people waving red flags and artificial flowers in the passage of a convoy of buses carrying likely to the researchers.

“The streets of the capital Pyongyang were filled with a festive atmosphere to greet the scientists of the national defence”, says the official agency KCNA.
Pyongyang has a long-standing gear that can reach targets in South Korea –the Scud with a range of 500 kilometers– and in Japan (the Rodong of 1000 to 3000 kilometers).

Us Bases in range

But with an estimated range of 4500 km, the Hwasong-12 is likely to reach us bases on the island of Guam in the Pacific. Some experts doubted the capacity of the North to miniaturize its nuclear weapons to mount on such a missile and there is no evidence that Pyongyang masters the technology for the reentry into the atmosphere.

KCNA had assured him that the last test had confirmed the control by the North of the technologies, guidance and re-entry into the atmosphere. The Hwasong-12 is “capable of carrying a large and powerful nuclear warhead”, was added to the agency’s north Korean. (afp/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 10: 08

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