Simona Ventura: ‘The wishes of Stefano Bettarini? Affectionate gesture’

Simona Ventura also considers the wishes of Stefano Bettarini published on the social for his new adventure in “Selfie, ” things change” an affectionate gesture. Receive the luck by her ex-husband has made her a lot of pleasure, as explained in My.

Simona Ventura: ‘The wishes of Stefano Bettarini? Affectionate gesture’

“I wasn’t expecting it and I am very happy. It was an affectionate gesture that spare”, said Simona Ventura about the wishes shared by Stefano Bettarini. The presenter added: “We have children in common and we get along. It’s nice that has given me this support”.

Serenity and smiles. After a long time, Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini were back to be in peace for the good of Nicholas, 18, and James, 16, their guys. The good wishes have been a gesture dear , that has gratified the popular presenter, giving her a smile.

The post of ex-husband

SuperSimo is happy. In tv things go well and in private there is Gerò Carraro to support it.
“After Stephen and I remained single for so many years. But, in general, I don’t think that there are people right or wrong, but only loves the righteous at the right time. And with Gerò it was so”, has underlined the 52-year-old.

In his life, a special place has the mother, which is also the one who says what goes and what doesn’t in his programs: ” my first teacher is my mom, who is my biggest supporter but also my biggest criticism. For every transmission that I do, I immediately call. And, then, there is Gerò and there are my children, Nicholas, James and Catherine, with whom I always discuss things”.


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