SMS sex: the former star democrat pleads guilty

The former united states congressman Anthony Weiner, a rising star of the democratic party before his career shattered by exchanges lustful on the social networks, pleaded guilty Friday to having “sexté” with a minor, a crime punishable by 10 years in prison.

“I have no excuse”

Mr. Weiner, 52, has admitted sobbing exchanged sexting with a girl between the ages of 15 years old between January and march 2016. His wife, Huma Abdeen, a close adviser to Hillary Clinton, was in the midst of a presidential campaign.

Such exchanges constitute a criminal offense called “transfer of obscene content to a minor”.

“I know it was morally wrong and illegal,” said the broken voice, Anthony Weiner, in front of the federal judge of Manhattan, Loretta Preska. “I have a disease but I have no excuse,” he added.

In agreeing to plead guilty, Weiner avoids the trial and should receive a more lenient punishment. The judge should stop his sentence on 8 September.

It was released for a bail of 150,000 dollars, and a medical follow-up.
Mr. Weiner, who at one time was the favorite to win the mayoralty of New York, made headlines in new york for months with his sexting, and other exchanges of a sexual nature with women sometimes minor on Twitter and the internet.

Many exchanges lustful

The fall of this politician, long time couple with a protected Hillary Clinton, Huma Abdeen, has been a real saga with multiple twists and turns.
He resigned from Congress in June 2011 after an initial scandal, revealing its exchanges, on Twitter, messages of a sexual nature with several women.

But he made a public apology, promises of change, and has a first child with Huma Abdeen. And managed to bounce back by becoming the pri candidate for mayor of New York during the 2013 campaign to succeed Michael Bloomberg.

But quickly, new information is emerging on the new exchanges lustful. His campaign for the office of mayor is suffering: he finished fifth, far behind Bill de Blasio, the winner.

This is too much for Huma Abdeen, close to Hillary Clinton. She leaves her husband, Anthony Weiner, obsessed of sexting.

— Brigitte Dusseau (@BrigitteDusseau) August 29, 2016

After having argued for months, Huma Abdeen announcement in August 2016 as she leaves, after the release of new, compromising photos of him, their son sleeping at his side.

The name of Anthony Weiner pops up again in the fall as part of the FBI investigation on the scandal of the personal server used by Hillary Clinton to exchange emails when she was secretary of State.

Created: 19.05.2017, 21h02

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