Sweden abandons its prosecution against Julian Assange

The Swedish public prosecutors announced on Friday that it was abandoning its prosecution for rape against the founder of WikiLeaks , Julian Assange, closing a legal saga that has dragged on since 2010. “The prosecutor Marianne Ny has decided to discontinue the investigation for alleged rape against Julian Assange , “said the prosecutor in a press release. The prosecution has said that it would motivate this decision at a press conference scheduled in Stockholm at noon.

This epilogue is a victory for the Australian of 45 years old, who had always denied the charges against him in August 2010 by a Swedish thirty years. Julian Assange is a refugee in the ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, in the hope of escaping to a european arrest warrant launched by the Sweden.

The United States always want to capture

He denounced a maneuver to have him in fine to the United States, where he could be prosecuted for the publication of military documents and diplomatic confidential. In November, after several procedural complications, he had been heard in London by a prosecutor of ecuador, in the presence of magistrates and Swedish. And he had repeated that he was completely innocent, the sexual intercourse with the complainant because he agreed to.

The Swedish public prosecutors had until Friday to extend or not the demand of imprisonment from a court in Stockholm.

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