Syria : new american bombing, Moscow and Damascus are protesting

The United States bombed on Thursday, a convoy linked to the syrian regime near the jordanian border six weeks after the first strikes of the administration to Trump in the country, while ensuring not to seek to become involved in the civil war. The Russian federation has condemned the bombing which she described as” unacceptable “, said on Friday a senior Russian diplomacy is summoned to Geneva by the press agencies of russia.

“The coalition has hit the forces pro-regime […] which could pose a threat to us forces and allied forces [the syrian] Al-Tanaf” near the jordanian border, said colonel Ryan Dillon, a military spokesman of the anti-jihadists commanded by Washington. Another american official said, on condition of anonymity, that the forces pro-regime hit were “probably” shiite militias, without being more specific about their identity. According to the syrian Observatory of human rights, eight people “for most non-syrian” have been killed in the strike.

The Syria condemns ” aggression “

“Any military action aggravating the situation in Syria influences on the political process. Especially when it comes to the actions of [the military] carried out against the syrian armed forces “, stressed the vice-minister of foreign Affairs of russia Gennady Gatilov, quoted by Ria Novosti. “This is absolutely unacceptable, and this constitutes a violation of the sovereignty of Syria,” added the diplomat.

Syria has condemned Friday as “the aggression of the coalition” led by the United States against his army the day before in the south-east of the country and assured that it will not be ” intimidated “, according to a military source. These events occur on the background of the progress since Tuesday in Geneva new peace talks under the aegis of theUN between representatives of the regime and the opposition.

Moscow says

Russia also condemned the bombing “illegitimate” by the coalition, said Friday the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov. “Whatever the reason that motivated the decision of the command of the United States to carry out such a bombing, it is illegitimate, illegal and it is a new and serious violation of the sovereignty of Syria “, said the head of Russian diplomacy, quoted by the news agency Interfax at a press conference in Nicosia.

This bombardment may have a negative impact on the ” efforts of those who are struggling actually on the ground and in the air against the terrorists of [the organization] islamic State and the former Front al-Nosra “,-he said. “This encourages the terrorists “, he hammered, adding that, to his knowledge, Russia had not been told of the strikes of the coalition led by Washington.

“The will to go forward “

For Gennady Gatilov, these negotiations should focus on ” the establishment of areas of de-escalation “, provided for by an agreement signed in Astana on may 4, and which has already resulted in a relative reduction of fighting in several regions of the country. “It is this that may really enable the advancement of the political process “, stressed the Russian diplomat. “There have been difficulties related to different visions,” he admitted, stressing, however, “the willingness to go to the front” shown by the participants in the negotiations in Geneva.

The representatives of the government and the opposition – represented by the higher Committee of negotiations (HCN) – had agreed to form a committee of experts to discuss the ” constitutional issues “, according to the UN. “Of course, we support” the initiative, said another vice-minister of foreign Affairs of russia, Mikhail Bogdanov, press agency, Tass, speaking of a “breakthrough” in the process of political settlement of the conflict. In six years, the war has caused the death of more than 320 000 people, displaced more than half of Syrians from their homes and destroyed the economy and infrastructure of Syria.

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