The car that the discount the less is a Porsche Macan diesel

You want to buy new-but you don’t want to lose too much money ? It’s simple, just buy a Porsche. The German brand is indeed the one whose models décotent the least according to a ranking carried out by our colleagues from Autobild.

This is not a secret for anyone, the purchase of a new car costs money, even after one has already paid. The downgrade brought on by the days and months go by it can sometimes lead to heavy losses. This is particularly the case on large sedans to motor-gasoline, since it is not uncommon to find a S-Class V8 or 7 Series of the old generation at a bargain price.

But then, what are the vehicles that lose the least value at the present time ? Autobild has made a ranking of interesting categories : electrical, SUV, sports, mid-range…

It follows that it is the Porsche Macan diesel with PDK that keeps the better its value after four years, with 65,28 %, just ahead of the Porsche 718 Cayman and Cayenne. The Panamera is a nice score also, with almost 60 % retention of the initial value. In electric, it is the Hyundai Ioniq appears to be the best army to maintain its value, while in the SUV, it is the Mini Countryman.

Finally, we note that if we consider the absolute value of the loss, not the percentage, it is ultimately the Dacia Sandero leads the dance with 2590 € of discount in four years !

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