The Incredible Family Kardashian in season 13 : The show he lost the recipe for success ?

If for years The incredible Family Kardashian has been a show staple for its fans, the hearings of season 13 are in free fall. What has happened in the past ?

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian have put in place a new strategy to save KUWTK ! It must be said that despite the incredible events of season 13 of The amazing Family Kardashian (the robbery of Kim, the hospitalization of Kanye West and the final separation of Kourtney and Scott), the hearings do not follow. The public sulks more and more as the show, which the audiences are in steady decline since 2014. But what is the cause of this lack of interest, which could compromise a season 14 ? According to the website The Ringer, it’s very simple : the show has become too dark. During the first seasons of KUWTK, the (més)aventures story-driven of the members of the clan were much more light : a family dispute quickly resolved during luxury vacations, a boxing match for a charity, opening a store in another city, the vagaries of celibacy.. You followed Kris, Bruce and their children’s daily not so trivial, but where you could still recognize perfectly. The show was funny and never took itself seriously, and even Kim agreed to be ridiculed on the screen (especially during the episode where she shows the world that no, she really does not know to dance). The episode that made the audience record for all seasons combined is one in which Kourtney gave birth to Mason during season 4, an episode where the family is particularly happy and united.

Gold over the last few seasons, the tone has changed : the dispute between the daughters of Kris multiply, their complicity seems less sincere to the screen and it becomes clear that they recite a text when they speak. And the way in which certain members of the clan have been treated has not been applauded by the audience : the change of gender of Caitlyn Jenner, who regrets to have turned into The incredible Family Kardashian, has been presented as a continuing source of tensions between Kris and her. Besides the problems of addiction Lamar Odom and Scott Disick, as well as the depression of Rob, who have been exploited shamelessly for many episodes. And if the robbery of Kim has been in the news for several weeks, the episode that was devoted to it was a flop. While the spectators followed with delight the scenarios are more light of the previous seasons and liked to see a close-knit family in which everyone could identify with, KUWTK seems to have become more dark and less spontaneous. Besides the storylines sometimes very fake and lies constants of the women of the clan who do not assume their addiction to cosmetic surgery. It is hoped that Kris and her daughters would be able to take into account the criticisms of the public and straighten out the bar before the wreck… What do you think of KUWTK ?

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