The info OSEF : North, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, knows how to play a song from his father on the violin

In addition to being the sweetest girls North has a special. She knows how to play a piece of her dad Kanye West on the violin.

Not a single day goes by that we do not speak of the clan’s best-known showbiz. As this is Kylie Jenner, who is soon going to launch its own TV show-reality or Kourtney Kardashian that constantly make the headlines of the tabloids because of his complicated relationship with Scott Disick, all members of the clan are often at the centre of the actu. Moreover, in recent times, things get complicated on the side of Los Angeles. To such a point that Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian have put a new strategy in place to save their show ” The Incredible Family Kardashian ! The reason for this ? The program may very well disappear if the hearings of the last season do not date back. Very anxious, the two women then seek solutions. But while the atmosphere has the air of being a bit tense, the small North brings a little sweetness…

North West is a future star of the music ?

As you may or may not like his music, we must admit that Kanye West is probably one of the artists in the most gifted of his generation. And it seems that succession is already guaranteed with her daughter North. It is in full Facebook Live that Kim Kardashian has made new revelations are adorable. Proud of her little bundle of joy, Kimmie explained that the big sister of the Holy is already learning to play many instruments. But that’s not all ! The little girl of 3 years is also a small nod to his father : “North is really into the piano at this moment but guess what she played when she is on the violin ? The beginning of ‘Runaway’ [a Kanye song, editor’s note] and it really is too cute when she plays” can you hear the star of the small screen to share in the live video. Nori is the next superstar of the song ? Wait and see. But it’s not the children that make us melt. For proof, Ian Somerhalder has made a beautiful declaration of love Nikki Reed for her birthday. And you, do you think that the North will launch into the song ?

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