The reunion touching between Cyril Hanouna and his former director of college in TPMP (video)

The reunion touching between Cyril Hanouna and his former director of college in TPMP (video) 19/05/2017 at 10:00

Cyril Hanouna has found the former director of his college, who came to make him a visit on the set of Key not at my post, its a daily meeting on C8.

In the audience of the daily show, the hellion of C8 spotted her former college director. And of course, these reunions were very touching.

“Guys, guys ! It’s huge !, he indicated in his entry on the board. I swear to you that it is true, I look into the eyes of my former headmaster at the college. I believe that I recognized “.
“I loved it “, he explained before you go get him a microphone.

The director in question, Mr. Namer, is also reminiscent of Cyril Hanouna . “I have to say that it was very quiet at home, but outside of the college, it was something else ! “, he said.
We offer you to discover this sequence.

Cyril found his former director of college… by tpmp

The start of the week was less calm for Cyril Hanouna who was set on fire by Arthur who has had enough of ” insults, threats, and intimidation “.

Arthur denounced “insults, threats, and intimidation” of Cyril Hanouna in the columns of “Technikart “, where he indulges at length this week.

“[The obsession of Cyril Hanouna ] speak to each day of me in his show is almost pathological, borderline freudian “, launched in a prime-time presenter of ‘ Friday everything is allowed “.

And continued : “I was much amused at the beginning, and then at some point, he passed by on the other side of the mirror : insults, threats, intimidation, slander…” And according to him, the fans of the program to C8 are the relays all of this on the social networks : “It is a sneaky method and well-orchestrated incitement to hatred “.

“I am well aware of Cyril and I know that he did not like the character he became, was detailed then the moderator. But he is stuck in this role and no longer has the choice “.

This bashing ongoing in search of the buzz, it is a form unheard of in our profession forward flight… A beautiful mess”, further affirms Arthur, who made his return a few days ago on the radio.

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