The vise tightens on Michel Temer

Michel Temer , is accused of obstructing justice in a legal document official, as he tries to maneuver to avoid the defection of his political allies.

In an application to open an investigation against the president of the supreme Court, the prosecutor-general Rodrigo Janot said that the head of State, in collaboration with several influential politicians, has attempted to”prevent the advance” of the operation “Cleaning express”, the survey sprawling revealed the mega-corruption scandal Petrobras.

This request for an investigation, made public Friday, is based on an agreement forged with the justice and the magnate of the agri-food Joesley Batista, whose explosive revelations have triggered a real earthquake.

The president was recorded without his knowledge by this business man, owner of the giant meat JBS and the famous brand of flip-flops Havaianas, which would have been trapped into giving his agreement for the payment of bribes.

Public registration

These under-the-table, revealed Wednesday evening by the newspaper O Globo, would be to buy the silence of Eduardo Cunha, the former head of the chamber of deputies, now in prison for his involvement in the scandal at Petrobras.

The supreme Court has made the recording public on Thursday evening, shortly after being given the green light to the opening of an investigation against Michel Temer.

Despite these serious accusations, Michel Temer has shown to be categorical. “I will resign not. I repeat. I will resign,” he hammered in a televised speech highly anticipated.

Even if the captain tries to maintain the cap in the storm, some have already abandoned the ship, as the minister of Culture, Roberto Freire, who left his job Thursday.

“The mountain has given birth to a mouse”

Friday, the hour was the great manoeuvres, and the president was attended by some ministers. “The government is working on three fronts to return to normality after the crisis: the political front, the legal and economic”, said sources from the presidential palace. “The president himself is involved in the negotiations with its allies’ policies, they added.

Thursday evening, after having had access to the content of the recording, Michel Temer told the website G1, and has displayed an unwavering confidence in saying: “The mountain has given birth to a mouse, I’m going to get out of this crisis more quickly than we think”.

For him, the content of this record, moreover, of poor quality, does not establish conclusively that it gives its approval for the payment of bribes.

Joesley Batista said simply to be “in good terms” with Eduardo Cunha, what Michel Temer said: “we must continue like this, OK?”. The head of the company replied: “Every month, I try to keep things under control”, a reference to monthly payments, according to the indictment.

Motions for removal

For the opposition, there is no doubt: Michel Temer has to resign. Several motions for dismissal were filed by members of parliament, but the process is long and requires a two-thirds majority in the Chamber of deputies and in the Senate.
It is through this procedure that Michel Temer came to power a year ago, after the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, of which he was the vice-president.

“The big question is whether the parties that are the foundation of the government are going to (the) exit”, analysis Thomaz Pereira, professor of constitutional law at the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

Popular pressure

As of Thursday evening, thousands of Brazilians marched in several major cities, with cries of “Temer” Out.” Other major events are scheduled Sunday, with the opportunity to take the temperature of the pressure popular.

In turmoil, the government is trying to save the appearances: a number of ministers-key, were recalled in the video the importance of the reforms in course of approval in Parliament to try to get out Brazil out of the crisis.

After the sudden fall of the stock Exchange on Thursday (to 8.8% as at the end), things are back to normal Friday, with an increase of 2.78% in the early afternoon. (tty/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 21h28

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