The Weeknd in a relationship with Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez was already in love with him !

This is new revelations that may surprise a few. Selena Gomez was already to The Weeknd while he was still in a relationship with Bella Hadid !

For the past few days, Selena Gomez is at the heart of the actu. Because, if we are to believe the recent statements ofan actor of the series, 13 Reasons Why, the singer reportedly cheated on her boyfriend The Weeknd. Suffice to say that this information has not failed to make a buzz is unbelievable on the Canvas. But away from those crazy rumors, Selly prefers to pursue his professional career. And the success is alive and well at the appointment. Also, you could not miss the song “Bad Liar” which is already a real hit, and whose words won’t leave anyone indifferent… The reason ? There are many internet users who think she speaks to her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. For good reason, the title of the song is “Bad liar”. Therefore, the fans quickly asked if Selena Gomez was not seeking to tackle the Biebs and their tempestuous relationship in music. In reality, it would seem that the tube to her boyfriend to The Weekend !

After the revelations of Justin Tranter, the song evokes much of The Weeknd. “You have misunderstood the words. It’s about that time where you try to hide the feelings that you feel for someone and do not succeed,” wrote the singer-songwriter on Twitter. Would it mean that Selena Gomez was trying to curb his love for the former Bella Hadid knowing that it was already taken by the model ? It is very possible ! Especially that the lyrics of the song are very disturbing. “I was walking down the street the other day trying to change me the ideas and then I saw your face. Oh, you’re with someone else. I tried to play it cool, I tried to make it disappear, but it is like the battle of Troy. I try not to think of you, not to give in. But all my feelings are burning, I guess I’m a bad liar. Your touch, it’s like taking a pill of happiness. But everything that we do is to be afraid. What might happen then ? Can we concentrate on the love ?” is meant Selly sing. What to sow doubt ! Anyway, the young woman is happy with the canadian singer and it is the most important. According to you, the new song from Selena Gomez is it for The Weeknd ?

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