Times Square : the hit and charged for murder

After you have mowed down twenty pedestrians on Times Square in New York, the hit and arrested Thursday has been charged for murder and attempted murder, said Friday the police. Richard Rojas, a former electrician in the US Navy aged 26, was convicted for murder and 20 attempted murder. The authorities had said Thursday that the incident, which occurred just before noon, had left one dead and 22 injured, including 7 serious. The Honda Accord of the ex-military fell down at full speed on this place among the busiest in the world, riding on the sidewalk of 7th Avenue and mowing down pedestrians on more than three blocks away.

The incident was briefly running a wind of panic, the authorities fearing an attack. But they quickly said that there was “at this stage” no element indicating a link with terrorism. The police also confirmed on Friday the identity of the young woman killed on the spot, Alyssa Elsman, 18 years old, a tourist coming to the State of Michigan. According to police, Richard Rojas has a criminal record, including two arrests for drunk driving and another, very recent, for ” threatening behaviour “.

“The mind, clouded by conspiracy theories “

Stopped immediately after the accident, samples were taken to detect a possible presence of alcohol or drugs in his body. A spokesperson for the police said Friday morning that they do not have yet the results of these analyses. The New York Times drew up Friday a portrait of the young man, claiming that he had been transformed by his experience in the u.s. navy, where he served from 2011 to 2014. It would be income ” of the mind, clouded by conspiracy theories “, often threatening physically, consumer of alcohol and cannabis, according to the newspaper.

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