Trump veut «annihiler» les djihadistes

The administration, Trump has ordered a “campaign of annihilation” of the jihadists in Iraq and Syria, in order to limit the number of foreign fighters returning to the country, said Friday the u.s. secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

This “campaign of annihilation” means in particular that the coalition forces now “encircle” the positions of the ARS before the attack, that the jihadis are not able to flee and regroup elsewhere, has explained the minister of Defence during a press conference at the Pentagon.

“In summary, our intention is that foreign fighters do not escape”, or at least that the number of those who manage to flee “is very small,” said Mr. Mattis. “The foreign fighters are a strategic threat if they return to Tunis, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Detroit or elsewhere”, he stressed.

This decision-making tactic of circling before attacking is one of two initiatives taken by Donald Trump after the acceleration plan of the campaign against the AR that was presented to him at the end of February by the Pentagon, said the Defense secretary.

Shoot the fugitives

According to Jim Mattis, the decision of the president, Trump has been to delegate more decisions to commanders commander operations, to shorten the time of decision.

The Obama administration was accused of “micro-management” of military operations, exercising control over operational decisions that the military felt to be a part of their responsibility.

The coalition against the EI has shown recently that she did not hesitate to take on the jihadists on the run. Last week, it has bombed fighters of the ARS who came to surrender the city and the dam of Tabqa to the forces supported by the coalition led by the United States, the democratic Forces in syria (FDS).

These jihadists had obtained FDS were able to escape after handing in their heavy weapons and dismantled their explosive traps. But the international coalition has bombed those who had not taken the precaution to surround himself with civilians in their flight. They had not tied agreement with us,” but only with the FDS, had then justified a spokesman for the coalition.

The AR in decline

According to Jim Mattis, the AR has lost 55% of the territory it held in Iraq and Syria, four million people have been liberated from his yoke. On a separate note, the chief of staff inter-armed american Joe Dunford has welcomed the good functioning of the agreement the american-Russian to avoid incidents between the forces of the two countries in Syria.

“I think the Russians are trying with as much enthusiasm as we” avoid incidents, he said. He suggested that the United States had made proposals to russia to deepen the exchange of information, without giving details.

General Dunford has just been extended to her position as highest-ranking member of the u.s. army for two years, said the Pentagon. (afp/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 00h57

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