Uber declined his application for delivery trucks

Uber launches Uber Freight, an application dedicated to all drivers of heavy vehicles to facilitate deliveries.

Uber for delivery trucks

Uber has unveiled its new app : Uber Freight. It is dedicated to the world of drivers of tractor-trailers that ply the roads to make deliveries to their customers. Technically, it is the same concept as the classic application, but adapted to the cargo. The drivers carry, therefore, of the goods and not people.

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The promotional video can see that the operation is very similar to that of the service VTC. The user selects a shipment to be delivered on the application. The queries are classified by the amount of the payment, the destination and the delivery time to be respected. The selection process lasts only a few seconds.

Uber highlights the time savings and the simplicity brought about by its application. “What used to take several hours and multiple phone calls can now be made with a press of a button , “explains the company.

No commission

The firm promises to pay the drivers within seven days of the delivery and does not need to pay a commission, then it is a big source of income for Uber on its service to VTC. This is not the first initiative of the company in the freight, sinceit is already investing in projects trucks self-sustaining.

Uber Freight is available on Android and iOS, but seems reserved for the moment in the United States. To be able to use the application, drivers must first register on the site dedicated to be approved. Uber verifies without doubt that each of them have good insurance, a driving licence and a vehicle.

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Uber Freight

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