Umpteenth episode of justice for Julian Assange

The Swedish public prosecutors in charge of the investigation for rape against Julian Assange must decide Friday whether he renews the request for a european arrest warrant against the founder of WikiLeaks in the context of a procedure which drags on since 2010.

Julian Assange, 45, is a refugee at the ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, in the hope of escaping to a european arrest warrant for the alleged rape of a young woman in Sweden in 2010.

The Australian denies the rape and denounced a maneuver to have him in fine to the United States, where he could be prosecuted for the publication of military documents and diplomatic confidential.

Stop Assange, a priority for Trump

The administration Trump has repeated in April that his arrest was a “priority” for Washington. Local media, citing us officials, reported that us authorities are trying to establish charges against him.
The prosecution had specifically until may 19, to renew a demand of imprisonment from a court of Stockholm, which will decide at a later time. This is the first time since the hearing of the Australian by a court of ecuador in November 2016 in London.

Pet peeve of the respondent, the prosecutor-Swedish in charge of the investigation, Marianne Ny, has not disclosed in advance of its intentions, but she has convened the press at 12: 00 (10: 00 GMT).

Or the lawyers of Assange, who claim tirelessly but without success for the lifting of the european arrest warrant, nor the lawyer of his alleged victim were not available Thursday.

At the age of thirty years at the time of the facts, the young woman filed a complaint on August 20, 2010 against Julian Assange, whom she had met at a conference of WikiLeaks in Stockholm a few days earlier. She accuses him of having engaged in sexual intercourse while she slept in the night from 16 to 17 August, and without a condom while she had repeatedly refused any unprotected intercourse.

Prescription in 2020

“I’m totally innocent,” wrote the encoder computer in a message published with the transcript of his statements to the public prosecutor of ecuador.

He maintains that the young woman, “SW”, was willing, both eager to have a sexual relationship with him, and agreeing not to protect themselves. The transcript of this hearing is conducted in the presence of a magistrate who is Swedish was provided to the public prosecutor in Stockholm, but he is still not pronounced on the merits.

The survey suffers from endless procedural complications since its origin. The defence of Assange multiplies the appeal to stop the proceedings and allow him to get out of the embassy.

The instruction Swedish, in particular, delayed by the refusal of Julian Assange to be heard in Sweden, has taken so much time that the complaint of another young woman to a sexual assault alleged at the same time, in 2010, had been closed in 2015, the facts being prescribed. The alleged rape is prescribed in 2020.

The investigation is not progressing

Ecuador has once again denounced in a letter dated may 8, addressed to the Swedish government “the manifest lack of progress” in the investigation. “It is extremely worrying that, six months after the hearing at the embassy of Ecuador in the United Kingdom, the Swedish public prosecutors have not yet made a pronouncement on the legal position of Julian Assange”, protested the ministry of foreign Affairs of ecuador in this letter, of which AFP has obtained a copy.

Ecuador requires that the justice of the scandinavian country indicts Assange or abandon its prosecution. “Without formal charges, amounts to arbitrary detention”, he says.

A working group of the UN had called in February 2016, to put an end to what he also described as “arbitrary detention”, a request immediately rejected by London and Stockholm. (afp/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 04h56

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