Une option militaire serait «tragique»

A military option against North Korea to stop its program of nuclear missiles would be “tragic”, said on Friday the us Defence secretary Jim Mattis. The head of the Pentagon has, however, considered that the work with the UN and China should continue.

“As you know, if it comes to a military option, it will be tragic, on a scale unimaginable”, said the head of the Pentagon in a press conference at the Pentagon. “Our effort is to work with the united Nations, working with China, working with Japan, working with South Korea to try to find a solution,” he said.

According to experts, Pyongyang is accelerating its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of transporting a nuclear warhead aimed at the u.s. territory.

New resolution

The head of the Pentagon has estimated that the pressure from China on Pyongyang had an “impact” on the regime. “Not perfect, of course”, he recognised, however, in allusion to the new test last weekend by Pyongyang to a missile with a range of apparently unique. This last shot was the tenth since the beginning of the year, after dozens in 2016.

The security Council of the UN discussed Tuesday behind closed doors of strengthened sanctions against North Korea after the last shot of missile. The United States and China are in the process of preparing a new resolution for possible punitive action additional against Pyongyang.

The republican president Donald Trump has repeated tirelessly, since his election, he would use all options to prevent Pyongyang from acquiring intercontinental missiles capable of exhibiting the United States with a possible nuclear strike, leaving us with the possibility of a military action. (tty/nxp)

Created: 19.05.2017, 23h25

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