Video presentation – Skoda Karoq : the SUV that makes it kind

It is in Sweden, more precisely at Artipelag in the Stockholm archipelago that Skoda has chosen to reveal the world premiere of its all-new SUV. The Karoq, replacing the Yeti in the catalogue will measure up to the Volkswagen Tiguan and Peugeot 3008 in the autumn.

Located in the Stockholm archipelago, to the west of the capital, bordering the Baltic sea, Artipelag has been the scene of the revelation of the new Karoq. The little brother of the Kodiaq has almost no secrets for us since we were among the first to take the wheel of a disguised version, last April.

After 8 years of good and loyal service and nearly 600 000 copies sold in the world, the Yeti, therefore derives its reverence. The ludospace the adventurer leaves his place in the Karoq, a SUV pure juice, in line with the Kodiaq, which will be up against the Peugeot 3008, Renault Kadjar and Seat Ateca on one of the markets most lucrative of the time.

Les ressemblances avec son cousin l'Ateca sont frappantes.
The similarities with its cousin, the Ateca are striking.

By abandoning the appellation Yeti, Skoda is putting in place its new strategy ” SUV ” initiated by the Kodiaq. A new family of names very hard to evoke the robustness. The Karoq which is the contraction of ” Ruq “(arrow) and “Qaarac” (car) in the dialect of the inuit is likely to be followed in the coming months by a little brother who will be positioned opposite the Renault Captur.

The Czech is based on the global platform (MQB) of the Volkswagen group and measure 4,38 m long. It is manufactured at Kvasiny in the Czech Republic in the same plant as its cousin, the Seat Ateca. The two models share many technical components such as engines, transmissions, and certain technologies.

Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable
Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable

The filiation with his cousin, the Spanish, the Ateca is undeniable. The proportions, the waistline and the silhouette are very close. The Karoq marks its difference by a front panel, more robust, in line with the Kodiaq, with fire-specific Full Led (option). The rear light hook are completely new. Inside, the Karoq offers a perceived quality in the high segment with materials treated (aluminum, wood), and a lot of plastics foamed. The design of the dashboard is also close to the Kodiaq. In other words, classic but functional.

Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable
Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable

However, the cadet is illustrated by proposing for the first time in Skoda the virtual cockpit. The latter will go hand-in-hand with the Skoda Connect and its touch screen 9.2’. This multimedia system, similar in design to the models of the Volkswagen group is one of the most sophisticated in the market at present. As a bonus to the entire arsenal of active safety available in Skoda (help to remain in the lane, adaptive, pedestrian detection, etc) the Karoq renewed the gadgets that you are particularly fond of as the umbrella under the passenger seat, the ice scraper in the fuel flap or even a very nifty water bottle holder that allows you to open it with one hand.

Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable
Présentation vidéo - Skoda Karoq : le SUV qui rend aimable

To live, the Karoq does unfortunately not the DNA of Skoda. The manufacturer who has made the space to live his specialty with models that are very welcoming (Octavia, Superb and Kodiaq) offers here a habitability lambda. The space for legs is a bit higher than the market average. It will advise you to opt for the system VarioFlex (option) that allows you to slide the rear bench seat (split), tilt records, and finally to be able to remove it completely if you are in the mode mover.

The Karoq pays more attention to the luggage with a boot capacity and generous (521 liters to 1,630 liters) and clever systems anchorages for commissions, for example. Unfortunately, it does not offer a flat floor and it is impossible to fold down the seats from the trunk.

The Czech will make its first public appearance at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show and will be sold on the French market in November, from 21 990 €.

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