What a leader for the socialists, spaniards?

The socialist spaniards are looking for their compass. Are they going to turn to the left or go to the center? They are called to choose the next leader of their party, Sunday, in an atmosphere tense trench warfare. The PSOE, which has chained defeat on defeat in recent years, is struggling to define its political line, too busy to tear through regulations, accounts, in search of a culprit of its debacle election.

Some 190 000 members will decide in a primary. “We have never seen an atmosphere like that. We were friends three months ago and now it is gut, it deals with the mafioso, of quitters and sold to the right or Podemos,” says Agustín Buesa, crossed at the exit of a meeting of campaign. “I have campaigned for the party for over forty years, I have all my friends. For me, it’s like a family drama,” he says.

“If it continues, we will end up like the French socialists”, is concerned about Reyes Velilla, who joined the PSOE at the time of hiding under the franco regime. The shadow of the debacle experienced by the French socialists, the past of the Palace harvest only 6.3% of the votes, hangs over the discussions Spanish. “It is necessary to remember the lesson, a party that is divided and without a clear message can be insignificant, notes that the socialist deputy Ignacio Urquizu. We must reaffirm our dynamic and transformative.” But the political scientist Pablo Simón describes a party’s aging and demoralized, “battered by the crisis of european social democracy and attacked on its own ground by Podemos, who seduces the young, urban electorate”. “More than just a new chief, it is a new strategy that seeks the PSOE,” he said.

Pedro Sanchez or the return of the landed

Among the candidates for the post of secretary general is the former leader Pedro Sánchez, who made an unexpected return. He had been landed seven months ago, after a federal committee heated. It was accused of prepare sub-hand corner of the left-wing in alliance with Podemos. Here it comes again, strong of the support of activists, after having regained their trust through a patient campaign of proximity. He promises to find “the real left”, consistent and uncompromising.

In front of him is Susana Díaz, the president of the region of Andalusia, the last stronghold of socialist still standing. It is for those who want to mark the distances with Podemos. Given favorite to advance, it has the support of the leaders of the party, so the former presidents Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. But the question remains, if the members will follow. She defends “the left that wins, instead of indulging in the sterile opposition.

Between them, the debate saw the quarrel. There is little place for the third candidate, the Basque Patxi López, who preaches reconciliation. “It is necessary to stretch the bridges, the opposite would be suicidal, he reiterates. Voting useful, what is not eliminate the other, it is to save the PSOE.” Remains to be seen if there is still time.

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Created: 19.05.2017, 17h55

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