A chair at the table: the regime Macron

We attack this article while weighing his overwhelming frivolity. In a political atmosphere leaded by the economic crisis, unemployment, the decline of identity, the defeatism, the complotisme, the lower kitchen to the election, it goes on and on and of the most rancid, what good is the gloss on the culinary tastes of the new president of France? Huh? Ben, is that there may be a track, to break the personality, finally, a mysterious young Gentleman Macron. “Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you what you are,” says an old adage full of wisdom. Let us try, therefore, to find a little more about the new boss of the Elysee… by the small end of the range.

Chocolate and cordon-bleu: the boy frustrated

There is a scene quite funny in the documentary Yann The Hénoret, Emmanuel Macron, behind-the-scenes of a victory. We are on the 23rd of April, a few hours from the end of the first round. The future president, on the road between Le Touquet and Paris, offers to his team to go and break the seed in a road that it knows about. Employees gloussent a little under the cape. But the boss has the last word. It is a self-service planted on an area highway. Not very glam. Here he is with his little tray in front of the buffet of hot dishes: “Me, I like the cords-blue, there.” Behind the counter, the lady replies: “It is with the children’s menu.” “Good… I’ll take the salmon then”, ” Macron, a little vexed. At the time, it looks like a small boy, the applicant, a magnificent March! A small boy deprived of his cord-blue. It cajolerait almost.

In the same film, different scene worship. At the end of the debate between the eleven candidates, the team power up! meet to debrief. Macron comes when even banging four hours of jousting verbal standing behind his desk. It claims to be chocolate. His wife Brigitte the cools in an instant. “No, I don’t want you to eat crap!” “Good… then a glass of water.” Here is again the kid, this time, deprived of the Milky Way. Poor Manu.

Bordeaux, Bandol and Cahors: the œnophile requiring

Macron leaves his shorts when he grabbed hold of a corkscrew. He loves the wine. He knows the wine. It whistles a glass with every meal and don’t cache much. More than any other president of the Fifth Republic, he also has a speech that is structured and documented about the bacchanalian, in which intersect, epicureanism, economy, agriculture and culture. Fortiche. “A meal without wine, he said, it is a little sad. The wine, it is for me really of our culture, of our civilization, of our way of being together.” Chorus known of course, but pleasant to our ears.

A video is visible on the Canvas proves this expertise. Put to the test by our brothers in the Land of Wines, the candidate tasted blind-a white, a rosé and a red. And discovers little or no understanding of their three regions of origin with a quiet aplomb. He took the opportunity to detail his tastes. Classic, but safe. It is obviously the Bordeaux that he prefers; a region which he has an intimate knowledge of the geography of wine and the appellations, prestigious or not. It complies with the burgundy whites, not necessarily the most fancy either. Will gladly offer getaways to the south of the valley of the Rhône (Vacqueyras, Châteauneuf), Bandol, or Cahors. Obviously, the president vote for the red, powerful and solar, without fear of the austerity and harshness. An index? Maybe…

Neighborhood bistro and wine bar: the fan of the zinc element simple

Brigitte and Emmanuel, which display plastic eaters watercress, pay willingly a bite to eat in the city and lovers from time to time. Finally, until now. It is possible that the election of mr. disturbs a bit the usual for the coming five years. Their spots in paris? A wine bar: la cave des Abbesses in Montmartre, for a glass of red (him) and white (she) on a board charcutaille-cheese. And a cozy neighborhood bistro also, the “I Tea… me” in the Fifteenth arrondissement, a former grocery store 1900 to the bourgeois cuisine with no fuss. The boss said, has voted Fillon in the first round.

It has too scoffed at the supper of Macron and his supporters-friends at the Rotonde in Montparnasse in the evening of the first round. This is a brewery, heritage, frequented for decades by the intelligentsia of Paris. Some have immediately denounced the luxurious character and display of the sign. Ben, not really. The Rotunda practice single price: 13.50 euro entries; 28 main dishes; 10, 50 desserts. We made additions exactly two times less expensive than at the chic Fouquet’s, where Sarkozy celebrated formerly his victory. In brief, it is necessary to predict the style of presidential future, it should not bling-blinguer in addition to measurement. For the rest, well, we’ll see.

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Created: 20.05.2017, 10: 49a.m.

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