A plane escorted by F-22 american

Two fighter F-22 escorted on Friday a plane with 187 people on board until landing in Honolulu, Hawaii, from Los Angeles. The Pacific command of the u.s. army invokes “disruption, flight”.

Neither the army nor the relevant airline, American Airlines, have not given any details. But, according to local media reports, a passenger reportedly tried to force their way into the cockpit of the Airbus A321.

According to unnamed sources, this man of Turkish origin had been allowed to board despite the first incident at the airport of Los Angeles. It has been mastered by a crew member and a police officer who was not in service, reports HawaiiNewsNow, a network of local tv.

“The F-22 escorted the airliner in accordance with the procedures of internal security. The local law enforcement took over after the plane to earth”, explained the head of the Pacific Command. FBI agents arrested the passenger, turbulent landing in Honolulu. The incident did not hurt. (tty/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 04h56

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